From now till 31 May, get 3 sachets of Collagen Beauty Jelly with every box of Enzyme Beauty Jelly purchased! No coupon code required. 



Your daily dose for detox, beauty and wellbeing!


Our human bodies need enough enzymes to help with the catalysis of many biological functions. The more enzymes in our bodies, the healthier we are. We need to ensure that the level of enzymes in our bodies are balanced.


This delicious and refreshing jelly may be small in size, but huge in benefits including releasing toxins in the body, regulating bowel movements, cleansing of the colon, increasing metabolism. Each sachet is power packed with Vitamin C antioxidants to boost your immunity and strengthen your skin's barrier, protecting you against environmental and lifestyle stressors that impacts your skin appearance.


Perfect for time starved urbanites, just peel open and pop it into your mouth.


Recommendation: start off with 1 or 2 packets a day

Best served chilled.


Suitable for vegetarians.

This product does not contain gelatin made from pork derivatives.


🌟Customer Testimonials🌟

"I used to always feel bloated, eating the enzyme jelly really helped with releasing air and flushing out toxins. I will be buying more."  Zhijie 🌟


"This is a really good product, I have been eating it regularly for about 4 months and it has helped my constipation issue. Even if I stopped taking it for a few days, I could still go to the toilet as usual" C Y Lim 🌟


"I used to be connstipated, now my digestion and detox is more regular, and I noticed my skin is clearing up." Faye L. 🌟


"I used to feel very bloated especially after a meal, the enzyme jelly has helped me flush out toxins better. I feel lighter and healthier now. I will definitely be buying more" Yu er T. 🌟


"I love the taste of it! I always bring it along when I travel." Kim T 🌟

YYBC Enzyme Beauty Jelly

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