The legend of the mountain's treasure is passed down from the old hermit bear to your child while they embark on an ecological family adventure. Your child and a responsible grown-up will travel together on this magical trip in search of a lost treasure. Only the grown-up knows about the story of the mountain’s treasure as told to him or her by the “Old Teddy Bear”, and now this story will pass down to your own children. After packing the car, your child, along with a couple of friends, begin their overnight camping journey. Along the way, they work together to solve problems before finally realizing the true secret of the mountain. This personalized book is an ideal gift for children who love camping, or for kids preparing for an upcoming camping trip. My Camping Adventure features beautiful and very colorful illustrations with dynamic, engaging text that is very easy to understand. Give your child the best personalized book about camping. Buy My Camping Adventure now.



  • For Ages 3-8
  • This is a quality hard-cover personalized children's book
  • Washable Hard Covers
  • Fully illustrated color pages
  • 36 pages


Click here for a sneak preview of the inside of the book! (view on desktop only Adobe Flash needed)

My Camping Adventure

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