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Written by Sylvie Hetu and Mia Elmsater.

This book shows how integrating positive touch – in the form of the Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) – into the school curricula has helped to boost the emotional wellbeing of children around the globe.


Excerpt from Foreword by Joseph Chilton Pearce (Author, Educationalist)

This book, Touch in Schools, offers a wealth of critical information, given in so eminently simple, useful, and a practical form, that when the equally simple answer-application is spelled out, one can only ask: Why hasn't this been done before?


The research and references given by Mia Elmsäter and Sylvie Hétu, drawing on a rapidly expanding field, are impressive, sound, and current.  Above all, the application of this knowledge to the direct daily life of the child is brillant, practical, and long overdue.  Again and again we might wonder why this obvious, common-sense approach hasn't been thought of and applied befor , although, of course, I find that variations of it have been employed forsome time now bu the Scandinavian countries, where they have the odd habit of listening to, observing, and applying what their scientist and child-research studies reveal

Touch in Schools: A Revolutionary Strategy for Replacing Bullying with Respect a



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