💎Bird's Nest Acid 

Boosting immunity. Improving brain functions. Prevention of infections. Nourishing lungs. Improving well-being. Beauty effects.

Extracted from red wine, grapes, berries. High in anti-oxidant. Lowers blood pressure. Lowers cholestrol levels. Anti-inflammatory 

💎Collagen Fish Peptide
Replenish colleagen in our skin as we age. Regeneration of skin. Reduce scars visibility. Build up bone strength. Stablise blood sugar. Anti-bacterial.


Benefits of Collagen Enzyme Jelly
Flush and cleanse intestines 
✔️Helps constipation
✔️Reduce fat 
✔️Hormones balancing
✔️Regulate period
✔️Reduce Cholesterol
✔️Improves blood circulation
✔️Reduce inflammation

Resulting in 
✔️Radiant Skin
✔️Lighten Acne Scars & Stretch Marks
✔️Hydrating & Skin Whitening
✔️Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkles, Anti-Acne


15 sachets in a box 

Recommended 1 to 2 packets per day

Best served chilled

YYBC Collagen Beauty Jelly

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