Welcome to MNB Nurturing Touch Specialists - we are a leading provider of trainings, classes and resources in the area of positive touch and relaxation. Our products and services provide you with tools to manage physical, emotional, mental health and wellbeing.

Our sense of touch is the very first sense that we develop and the last sense we lose before we leave this world. We use it in our daily lives more than we realise.  It affects our ability to think, feel, communicate, socialise, connect and live.  It is very important that we have a positive relationship with our sense of touch!


We work with families with babies, children, teenagers, adults in the workplace and the elderly to help them experience and introduce positive and nurturing touch into their lives through our 3 programmes.


Touch is essential at all stages of life.  Our aim is to help everyone be "comfortable in their skin"!

3 International Programmes
IAIM Infant Massage Programme
for babies below 12 mths
Massage in Schools Programme
for children 2 to 12 yrs
IMPACT Wellbeing Programme
for youths, adults and elderly

We offer talks, workshops and classes relating to positive touch and movement in private, community and corporate settings for all ages.  All requests are individually and uniquely tailored.

We provide instructor training courses for all 3 programmes as well as one day satellite courses on specific topics.


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Regular massage, daily baby massage, baby cradle cap, pregnancy stretch marks, cracked heels, make up remover

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