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Help Children Engage in Learning Better and Instill Values of Respect & Gratitude though the MISP Children Massage Programme
How much do you realise about your sense of touch? Are you comfortable with it?
Do you practice it? How important do you think it is?
Touch is a basic human need, it is our biggest sense. We use it in our lives more than we realise and it is important that we ensure that children develop a healthy relationship with touch. In the Massage in Schools Programme, we teach children from the beginning what is good touch and proper touch, so that they do not grow up misusing touch.
And of course, nurturing touch has many physical benefits as well.
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What is the MISP?

The Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) is an international programme of positive touch and clothed peer massage (child to child massage) for children 2 to12 years. This successful programme, developed by Mia Elmsäter (Sweden) and Sylvie Hétu (Canada), was first introduced in England in 2000 and uses peer massage, story massage and kinesthetic learning to help promote wellbeing to children in the knowledge that nurturing touch is a basic need and a powerful tool to help children develop into healthy, well-balanced human beings. While not intended as a therapy, the approach in its simplicity helps children reduce stress levels, improve emotional intelligence and raised confidence

The MISP has been recognised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance in the UK as a tool to help reduce bullying in schools!

How does the programme encourage creativity in children?

Fairytales, day dreaming, repetition, being allowed to be bored and do nothing... all these help creativity emerge from within the modern child. Hear Massage in Schools Programme co-founder, Sylvie Hétu, explaina how the regular practise of the MISP massage routine is a transition for modern overstimulated children to learn how to just calm down and relax and let imagination take flight.

The MISP instills values of Respect & Graditude

Respect, asking permission, feeling good about oneself, being socially competent, these are all important traits children these days need to develop so that they will grow up doing good to the world. The MISP children massage programme embeds all these into the simple and fun yet deep practice of massage and nurturing touch between children and between parents and their child.

Aspects of the MISP Children Massage Programme

  • Improve self confidence and self esteem

  • Reduction in aggressive behaviour and bullying

  • Learning to care for one another 

  • Improve concentration 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Develop social skills and teamwork

  • Increase body awareness

Benefits for children:

At the core of the programme is the basic MISP Massage Routine, a simple 15-stroke, fully clothed, child-to-child activity facilitated by a certified MISP Instructor. The routine was put together in a flowing movement that also incorporated the development of motor skills.

The MISP Massage Routine

Children do not learn if they do not feel loved an accepted.


The frequency of movement in children has dropped drastically where children spend their days in schools sitting at tables completing worksheets or in front of televisions and handheld devices at home.

This lack of adequate and proper movement causes under or over-stimulation of their still developing sensory systems that results in many learning difficulties we hear of today.

The Touch & Movement aspect of the MISP simply helps children increase their experience of touch and movement during fun and learning to better develop their sensory systems and establish a strong academic learning foundation for their future.

When students use their bodies in the learning process, it can have a big effect, even if it seems silly or unconnected to the learning goal at hand.
Touch & Movement Activities

How is the programme implemented?

The programme can be either implemented in a children's only classroom setting or as a parent - child bonding class facilitated by a certified MISP Instructor. 

We have implemented this programme in pre-schools, various primary schools, community centres and hospitals.

The programme in schools is as simple as a 15mins give and receive activity in pairs using the MISP Massage Routine before or after class or break time.
In Schools
Parent - Child Classes
The programme as a parent child class gives parents and children the opportunity to experience the MISP Massage Routine together, various touch & movement activities and provides parents information and resources on how positive and nurturing touch benefits their child's overall health and mental wellbeing.

If you are a teacher, principal or school director and are interested in implementing the MISP in your school in a classroom setting or as parent-child classes.

Did you know we can introduce the programme in your school or centre for as little as S$3 per child per session?

Contact us today to find out more or arrange for a trial programme in your school! 

Privately arranged group classes are available for parents and children. We request for a minimum of 4 parent-child pairs.

Cost of parent-child classes are approximately S$25 to S$40 per session depending on group or private sessions.

Parent and child classes can also be organised as corporate family bonding programmes.  Activities will be customised based on number of participants.

If you are interested to teach this programme, check out our Training page

Contact us today for a friendly and informal chat at  +65 9148 6095 (click to WhatsApp) or drop us an email at

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