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Stress and anxiety is a big thing affecting all levels of our modern day society and touch is an effective way to help manage it. We are advocates of the benefits of positive and nurturing touch and we want to share them with as many people as possible! 

Whether you are all ready to take up our full IAIM, MISP or IWP programmes or would just like to organise a lunchtime talk, short study day workshop for your staff or community or looking for holiday programmes for children, we have something for you! 

Our sessions, whether long or short, will be interactive and informative, explaining to you why positive and nurturing touch is so important from scientific and emotional aspects.


We will also show you how you can easily apply them on yourself or with the people (children, colleagues or the elderly, etc) you work with. 

Here are some of our class formats that you can consider for yourself or your organisation. The content and activities of the class will come from one of our 3 programmes (IAIM, MISP or IWP) based on the age group of the participants attending.
Full programmes :
4 to 5 sessions IAIM Infant Massage Programme for parents with babies 0 - 12 months (individual or group classes)
3 to 5 sessions MISP Children Massage Programme for children 2 to 12 years (school-based or parent-child classes)
1 to 3 sessions IMPACT Wellbeing Programme for youths, adults and elderly (secondary schools, workplace or community classes)
Duration of each session range from 30mins to 1.5hrs.
Short Workshops :
Workshops give participants an opportunity to learn more about positive touch and movement with more interaction with the facilitating instructor through group activities and discussions. 
We offer workshops for teachers who work with children to share ideas and methodologies to increase positive touch in their classrooms and how touch and movement will help children engage in learning more effectively.
Duration of the workshop will be based on actual request, they may range anywhere from 1.5hrs to half day workshops.
We welcome invitations to share in any setting on the topic of positive and nurturing touch.  Our presentations can be geared specifically to a particular age group or target group (i.e. new parents, youths, working adults, special needs children or cancer survivors, etc).
So, if you are looking for programmes and topics for your lunchtime talks, community or club gathering, why not learn more about the topic of positive and nurturing touch and how it impacts your health and wellbeing?

Sounds interesting?

Contact us today for a friendly and informal chat at  +65 9148 6095 (click to WhatsApp) or drop us an email at

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