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The H.A.N.D.L.E Programme


Holistic Approach to Neuro-Development and

Learning Efficiency

Does your child face the following issues? 

Unable to follow instructions

Find it hard to grasp abstract or mathematical concepts

Find it challenging to express themselves verbally

Does not like reading 

Read but does not understand

Poor handwriting 

Sleep difficulty

Avoids vegetables or certain types of food

Poor social skills 

Need structure and routine to calm down

Learning and behavioural difficulties

What is HANDLE?

HANDLE combines an understanding of neuroplasticity and the interplay among mind, body and environment to help the brain gently change itself. It’s designed to enhance neurological systems that are causing learning or life difficulties, without force or judgment. HANDLE gets to the root of what some might consider problematic behaviors by listening and observing, not pushing or judging.

At its core HANDLE is more than clinical procedures and tasks to be done to achieve success/change; it is a paradigm shift from viewing symptoms to seeing behaviours, from fixing apparently maladaptive behaviours to understanding the communicated purpose behind behaviours, and from the world of broken people who need to be fixed to one that accepts and appreciates all individuals as they are and supports their blossoming into all they can be.

Children or Adults facing but not limited to the following issues can benefit from HANDLE:

ADD. ADHD. Learning & Behavioural Difficulties. Issues of Ageing. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Autism Spectrum Disorder. Bipolar Disorder. Brain Injury. Tourette SyndromeCerebral Palsy. Down Syndrome. And more...

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How does HANDLE work?

HANDLE Screening : A Neurological Assessment Tool for Learning Efficiency

A HANDLE screening takes about 45 to 60mins. A HANDLE Certified Screener will take you (or your child) through series of activities designed to check your processing ability. Some of the areas checked include: auditory sequential memory, eye teaming and tracking, differentiation, balance, muscle tone, and sensory integration. These may seem complex but they are the very functions that help you read, write, pay attention in class, sit still, hold a conversation in a social setting, learn a new sport or skill and more. The goal of the screening is to discover which sensory systems may be contributing to academic, work and behavioural difficulties which may impede future learning.

After a break or on another day you will come back for a 1-2 hour Presentation where the Screener will explain their findings and teach a programme of simple HANDLE movement activities that help to strengthen and integrate neurological processing, specifically tailored to you. The movements help the brain to organise and process information more efficiently, which leads to improvements such as better attention and focus, increased ability to follow instructions or to sit still, enhanced visual ability for tracking and for changing focus from near to far; strengthened impulse control and better handwriting.

Recommended for: people age five or older who are experiencing mild to moderate learning or attentional challenges. Screenings may also be suitable for an athlete, adult learner returning to school, or businessperson looking to improve efficiency at work.

Here's how a 3 Month HANDLE Screening Programme looks like 




1 week


1 week


1 month

Unlimited online support phone call, zoom, or whatsapp




1 month

1 month

We offer 3 months, 6 months and 12 months HANDLE Screening Packages













Do the Pre-Screening Survey for FREE today to find out if your child is suitable for the HANDLE Screening Programme and receive a 50% discount off any of the HANDLE packages

The pre-screening survery consists of an online form which will take you about 20mins to fill out. After which our certified HANDLE Screeners will contact you via email or phone for a friendly chat.

HANDLE Assessment

HANDLE Assessments are appropriate for people with moderate to severe movement or learning challenges, trauma or stress-response conditions, or more complex attachment or autism-spectrum conditions. People who are unable or unwilling to communicate verbally, however, or who struggle to perform movements involved in basic self-care, are also best served by full Assessments.


Assessments are more detailed than Screenings. The activities available as the result of an Assessment are also more numerous and varied.

Assessments usually begins with a few evaluation sessions and follow up reviews spread out over a few months facilitated by a certified HANDLE Practitioner. The HANDLE Practitioner provides written instructions and any materials needed to do the recommended activities. The Practitioner may also offer nutritional recommendations to enhance the brain’s functioning, along with suggestions for compensatory measures that the client may wish to employ while working on his or her program. In addition, the Practitioner may recommend specific complementary therapies.

What makes HANDLE unique?


stressed systems don't get stronger

Gentle Enhancement describes the HANDLE process of respectfully supporting sensory processing in small steps without undue stress, recognizing that sensory over-stimulation can interfere with attention and learning.  This operating principle is based on the understanding that disorganized, immature, or damaged brain/body systems become less functional or may shut down when stressed. Stressed systems don’t get stronger.


The HANDLE paradigm encourages people to apply Gentle Enhancement in their daily lives. Clients and support people are taught to watch for subtle signs of stress as indicators of when to stop a HANDLE activity. This sets HANDLE apart from other approaches.

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Is HANDLE for me or my child?

HANDLE is especially helpful for people with symptoms of an autism-spectrum condition, developmental delay, attention deficit disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder and ageing issues—but HANDLE doesn’t treat any of these labels.


Rather, HANDLE:

  • Offers meaning: HANDLE empowers you to see beyond these labels, appreciating the underlying causes of the behaviors associated with them.

  • Facilitates function: Through well-supported, at-home activity programs, HANDLE helps develop the abilities and skills that many people take for granted—but which you or a loved one may not have been able to take for granted.

  • Supports living: By helping you develop the abilities necessary for you to do and enjoy what's most important to you, HANDLE stays motivating and helps ensure your success.

  • Embodies respect: By helping you and your loved ones feel safe, secure, and confident in moving ahead, HANDLE nurtures grace and preserves dignity.


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