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Gain the knowledge and tool to aid wellbeing with the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme Practitioner & Instructor Trainings...

As an IMPACT Wellbeing Programme (IWP) Practitioner or Instructor, you will be equipped to share or teach the relaxation techniques of the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme to young people, adults and the elderly (13 and beyond).  Find out more about the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme and how it benefits different age groups.

The ethos of this programme is one of respect and choice with an oppportunity for everyone to use relaxation techniques that suit them.

IWP Instructors are provided with the support of their Trainer and have access to a variety of useful resources.


1 Day IWP Training Core Content

  • Breathing and stretching exercises

  • Relaxation and guided visualisation

  • Self massage for head and hands 

  • Peer massage for head and hands 

  • A mindfulness-based approach

  • Understanding of the causes and effects of stress

  • Implementing the Impact Wellbeing Programme in different settings 

What is the difference between an Instructor and a Practitioner?


You would like to learn various relaxation techniques for your own health and wellbeing and may occasionally share it informally among your family, friends or colleagues. 

eg. share or use the techniques with your colleagues in the workplace to enhance relationship and release tension and pressure in workplace

You will receive a basic set of notes to remind yourself of the techniques you have learnt during the training. 

A IWP Practitioner may choose to upgrade to become an Instructor at a later date for a small fee.



You may be an educator, caregiver, allied health or medical professional and would like to teach or facilitate the relaxation techniques as part of your work to a group of participants in a proper class setting.

e.g. teach a group of elderly in a senior centre self and peer massage technique over a series of sessions or facilitating a breathing and visual relaxation workshop for youths and working adults 

You will receive the full instructor manual and have access to the online resource platform to download audio and visual course materials to facilitate your classes. You will also have the support of the IWP Trainer during your first few sessions if the need arises.

Who attends the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme Practitioner and Instructor Trainings?

There are no pre-requisites to attend the training.  As long as you are interested and concern about wellbeing for yourself and of those around you and want to learn how you can help.

Many IWP Practitioners and Instructors are informed adults from education, health, social care and other work related organisations. 

"I learnt a lot, and it is not as difficult as I thought it would be. So straight forward and anyone can easily grasp the subject. We only need to practise so that it can be part of our daily exercises. Zumba is too strenuous and my my blood pressure goes up! The exercises taught in the IWP is so relaxing and good for a senior citizen like me. However, I think it can be good for everyone regardless of age. It can be applied to the young, sick and elderly. For me it's more like I am preparing for the future, all of my siblings will be old too..."
IWP Practitioner Course Participant
Our IWP Trainer

Shillina is a former aesthetic trainer with extensive beauty and spa experience.  She holds several beauty certifications from UK and Switzerland.  Shillina was certified as an Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM) in 2004 and Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) Instructor in 2005. 
As an experienced trainer, she has been delivering workshops and trainings in Singapore to families with babies, children and the elderly within the community.  Shillina is an IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing instructor and Kind Hands instructor and joins the international team as a Trainer for IMPACT Wellbeing Programme.

Shillina Phua
IWP International Trainer

Become an IMPACT Wellbeing Practitioner or Instructor

We provide the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme Practitioner and Instructor Training in Singapore and Malaysia (KL).

We offer early bird discounts for participants registering at least 3 months early and group discounts for those registering together with friends or colleagues.


Please refer to our Registration page for training dates and schedule and to register for the training.

Training fee includes

  • Two 3 hr sessions with instruction and practical training

  • Instructor's Agreement with instructor's registration (only Instructor training)

  • access to password protected resources via this website (only Instructor training)

  • an on-line instructor’s manual to support the training (only Instructor training)

  • audio and image downloads for relaxation and visualisation (only Instructor training)

  • prompts and reminders for self massage and peer massage

  • support materials 

Full attendance is required for all training days 

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we have postponed all our trainings and classes until further notice. If you would like to be informed of future training dates, please fill in our contact form or drop us an email on 

If you would like to bring this training to your company as an in-house training or register your employees for the training, you may be eligible for a reduce training rate, please contact us directly.

We welcome invitations to organise the IWP training within the region, if you are interested in bringing the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme to your country, please contact us for more details.

Contact us today for a friendly and informal chat at  +65 9148 6095 (click to WhatsApp) or drop us an email at

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