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When stress piles upon stress without the relief of an equal portion of relaxation, the body begins to shut out all sensory intake and the learning process is completely blocked.    

~ Vimala McClure

Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) Instructor Training & Satellite Courses

The MISP instructor training and satellite courses are offered by MISP International Trainers who have undergone extensive training with the Massage In Schools Association International.  All contents are internationally designed and approved and shared by all MISP Trainers around the world.

Participants attending the training and courses will be able to learn how to bring nurturing touch into the lives of children ages 2 to 12 through the use of the unique MISP Massage Routine. In addition, they will also learn in relation to the MISP; child development, scientific knowledge, as well as the basis for bringing the idea of touch and movement to achieve more effective and engaged learning for children.

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"Balance of theory, activities and massage... never a bored moment!"

Training Participant

The MISP Instructor Training is part of teachers' training curriculums and continuing development courses for teachers in several countries around the world.

Teachers and educators who have taken the trainings and courses have found that they gain new ideas and understanding about the nature of children and were more equipped in supporting their overall wellbeing. They also appreciated the various teaching methodologies of visualisation and kinaesthetic learning that they could apply within the school curriculum.

This training is suitable for Parents, Early Childhood Educators, School Teachers, Special Needs Educators, Learning Support Educators, Childcare Operators and anyone interested in the wellbeing of children.

Participants Feedback

I had a lovely time, thank you!

It was very interesting and I am keen to pursue it as a trainer.

Love and enjoy the diversity of the class. Managed to learn from different people from different profession.

I have enjoyed the course very much and I encourage all parents or professionals to attend this course!

This course was enlightening and very practical. Sensible on many levels and most of all meaningful.

International Core Curriculum of the 2 Day MISP Instructor Training 

  • History of the MISP

  • Philosophy – mission statement and respect

  • Benefits of the MISP

  • MISP Massage Routine

  • Children’s temperaments and personalities

  • MISP & The Brain

  • MISP & The Nervous System

  • MISP & Hormones 

  • Children sensitive to touch

  • Hyperactivity / ADHD

  • Adaptations for children with special needs

  • Child Development related to the MISP

  • Touch & Movement in the school curriculum

  • Marketing & Informing

  • Implementing the MISP

  • Child Protection

  • Studies and research

  • Professionalism and ethics

Upon completion of the 2 days training, you will become a MISP Instructor and will be able to teach the programme to children ages 4 to 12 years old in schools or public settings and also conduct parent-child sessions. 

What can I do after I take this training?

  • Facilitate the programme in a school setting with a classroom of children

  • Facilitate the programme with parents and children 

  • Conduct short workshops with adults 

  • Give talks/seminars about the MISP

  • Simply use the knowledge and tools you learnt with your child


As a MISP Instructor, you will be equipped to

  • Help children to develop a sense of belonging within a classroom or social setting

  • Encourage children/families to create positive relationships through active communication

  • Empower children to use clear, non-threatening, assertive language, raising their confidence and self-esteem

  • Give children an opportunity to learn about touch in a safe environment

  • Promote an environment that leads to reduced bullying and aggressive behaviour

  • Contribute to child’s enjoyment at school.  Children are more caring to each other, especially those who have not shown this side of their nature

Upcoming Dates : We do not have any trainings at the moment! Contact us to be kept informed

Training Fee : S$550/pax

Are you from a related industry? Corporate discounts/funding available, please enquire directly with us.

Training Fee includes:

  • 2 day instruction and practical training

  • Instructor Training Manual 

  • Touch in Schools book

  • Instructor Certificate upon completion of training 

  • First year membership with local branch of Massage in Schools Association (Singapore or Malaysia)

  • Refreshment

MISP Instructor Training Details
MISP Satellite Trainings

The international association have introduced in addition to the MISP Instructor Training, two satellite programme for MISP Instructors, parents and educators, or anyone interested to deepen their knowledge about child development and how to use the MISP better in their lives and work 

Mini - MISP Instructor Programme (1 day)
The Mini-MISP is a shortened and adapted version of the MISP for children ages 2 and 3 and families. 
2 and 3 year olds are at a very special stage of development and failing to understand their nature at this stage may lead to frustrations or actions that counter their proper development! 
Course participants will learn about developmentally appropriate touch for children of 2 and 3 years old.
Touch & Move to Learn! (1 day)
The MISP, besides the basic massage routine, incorporates touch and movement activities for children to help them use their whole body for learning and development. We also invite parents, educators and teachers to incorporate touch and movement for learning with all schools subjects.
This workshop was created to foster the practice of touch and movement within the daily education of children. Participants will learn the foundations for this idea as well as be introduced to several age appropriate activities to foster children’s development, coordination, integration and self-regulation.
It answers requests from teachers and parents who wish to understand why children learn better when they touch or move. 
This course is only available for IAIM & MISP Certified Instructors.
If you would like to be certified to teach the MISP from 2 to 12 years in one sitting, watch out for our Combined Mini-MISP & MISP Instructor Training!
Who should take this course?
MISP Instructors, Parents, Teachers, Allied Educators, Children Therapists and anyone who wants to know how touch and movement helps children's well-being!
There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Satellite Course Fee includes:

  • 1 day instruction and practical training

  • Training Manual

  • Certificate of attendance upon completion of training 

  • Refreshment

Please note that the Mini MISP Instructor Training is only open to certified IAIM or MISP Instructors

Our MISP Trainer

Kimberly Tin 

MISP International Trainer

Kimberly has been involved in the Massage In Schools Programme since 2013 and is currently an International MISP Trainer. She has been conducting MISP Trainings in Singapore, Malaysia and in China. 


With a background in sociology from the University of British Columbia (Canada), she is able to understand the uphills and downsides of society on the issues and behaviour of children in modern day living. 


Kimberly has been working in her local community in Singapore to promote the importance of nurturing touch in various setting such as schools and hospitals. She loves working with children and families and believes that one of the best ways to for children to learn and develop well socially and emotionally is to have a good relationship with their sense of touch. 

If you would like to bring this training to your school or organisation as an in-house training or register your employees for the training, you may be eligible for a reduce training rate, please contact us directly.

We welcome invitations to conduct the MISP training or satellite courses within the region, if you are interested in bringing the programme to your country, please contact us for more details.

Contact us today for a friendly and informal chat at  +65 9148 6095 (click to WhatsApp) or drop us an email at

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