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Nurturing Touch is at the heart of our work.
Our trainings are internationally accredited courses for adults working in healthcare, education, social care or for those who simply recognise the health benefits of nurturing touch and want to be equipped with the knowledge and techniques to share...
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Why choose us?

Quite simply because we have chosen the leading and most established training programmes you can find in the area of positive touch and wellbeing. All our trainers are internationally trained and have extensive experience both locally and abroad and therefore we deliver the best and most thorough trainings here at MNB Trainings.

Our trainings are unique, engaging and fun but backed with serious, evidence based research.  

How can you join our trainings?

We organise trainings regularly throughout the year for individual registrations, please refer to our Registration page for training dates and information.

If you are part of a public or private organisation and are interested in trainings for employees, we are happy to offer customised in-house trainings. We ask for a minimum of 8 participants.  

What people are saying about our trainings...

"The training was better than I imagined!

The pace and atmosphere of the training was very comfortable."

"The course has given me a different perspective of how an IAIM instructor is like and it has definitely met my expectations."

"Excellent balance of practical and theory throughout the training"

"I feel fully supported by Sylvie, she never discourages us and only gives us courage and advices to make us better!"

"I've learnt a powerful and useful tool to teach parents how to bond with their child"

"I enjoyed everything in the training programme. Especially the discussions between participants."

Still have questions?

Check out our FAQ section

If you would like to know more about how our trainings can help you as an individual or for your company. Contact us today for a friendly and informal chat at  +65 9148 6095

or drop us an email at

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