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Brain Activation Course for Kids!

 ~in collaboration with Mental Literacy Training (MLT SG) ~

The Midbrain is responsible for syncing communication between the Right Brain and Left Brain. Once it is activated it adds creativity with Logic.


It increases Logical Imagination and decision power increases.

How do you "activate" the Midbrain?

Our course adopts the most advanced psychological techniques to follow and reproduce "genius kids"learning methods leading through blindfold reading.  The techniques are aimed at activating and discovering kid's internal potential and midbrain ability.  The learning methods are designed to help kids learn easier and more effectively in future.

Kids are not required to learn difficult and complex scientific theories. Kids join in the class activities and discover their internal potential instinctively and subconsciously in a completely relaxed environment.


 With the help of specifically designed learning materials and fun teaching methods, kids will show great interest in making this learning journey. 

The best age range for midbrain activation is

4 to 13 years old!

Benefits of midbrain activation

  • Increased self-confidence and concentration 

  • Stimulate "genius kids" learning conditions

  • Promote cognition process

  • Improve reading skills

  • Enhance brain memory function 

  • Utilise middle brain for better study skills

  • Discover internal potential 

The Philosophy

The educational journey is long, but academic results are not the only factor in determining your kids' abilities.  In fact, your kids' belief that they are outstanding and them having faith in themselves in the most successful achievement in their lives. 

Parents' encouragement and support are the main keys to nurturing the minds of kids into successful and wholesome adults!

Testimonials from Parents and Children!

….after 2 short days of training, my child can focus a lot easier and have a lot of self confidence. His grade improved tremendously after the course.

Anne (Parent)

After the workshop he reads a lot, he is more confident and his grades have noticeably improved" 

Thomas (Parent)

....We all had lots of fun and now I can remember things. My Maths results are so much better - Mum and Dad are really pleased.

Brandon (7 years old)

"….. so easy. I can pick out cards blind folded without peeping. I can now surprise my teachers and friends." 

Yenda (12 years old)

~ Upcoming Seminar ~

Find out more about the benefits of this course for your child at our introductory seminar



Children attend for free!

Light refreshment provided

We currently take all enquiries via call or WhatsApp

If you would like to enquire about the Brain Activation Course for Kids 

please contact us at +65 90279902 or +65 98561450

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