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The IAIM Infant Massage Instructor Training is research-based, evidence-informed, peer-reviewed, strengths-based and practical.

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The International Association of Infant Massage offers instructor trainings around the world. They are led by IAIM Trainers who have completed an extensive and practical, multi-phase education program designed to ensure quality trainings that you will truly enjoy. IAIM offers the most extensive and comprehensive training for infant massage instructors available in our field. All trainings follow the fifteen point curriculum originated by Vimala McClure and developed by the IAIM Circle of Trainers.


Trainings are generally four days, and include hands on learning with parent-baby classes in a supportive learning environment. Each training covers information about adjusting the teaching to meet the needs of each family and baby, including those born prematurely or with special needs.

International Core Curriculum

Handling and positioning of demonstration doll

The IAIM sequence of infant massage strokes 

Observe the trainer teaching a parent & baby massage class

Experience teaching opportunities with your fellow students parents and babies

History of infant massage and IAIM

Infant behavioural states and cues

Guidelines for the safe use of massage oils

Benefits of infant massage & Touch research

Bonding & attachment

Adaptations for babies born prematurely, with additional needs & for the growing child

Valuing and supporting parents

Teaching, communication & group facilitation skills

Marketing and promoting infant massage classes

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Hear it from our Trainees,

"Supporting parents and babies to establish a solid and secure relationship, is one of the most important things you will ever do."


You will be equipped to

Teach parents either individually or in small classes to massage their babies (0 to 12 months) as well as to deliver presentations to promote infant massage.


This is not a 'hands on massage' qualification.

This course does not qualify you to train others to teach or perform infant massage.

You will be required to sign an agreement at your training to confirm you understand this.


To facilitate parent-infant communication, create an opportunity to enhance parent/child bonding, assist in providing the optimum conditions for healthy development of the infant as well as bring awareness of many of the other benefits loving touch can bring about.

To demonstrate the massage strokes on a doll and create a safe environment where there is an opportunity for parents to take part in informal discussions on many baby focused topics, you will therefore be providing support to parents on many levels.

Become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the IAIM

Certification process

  • Attend 4 days training

  • Complete within 4 months following the training:-

    • the take-home assignment

    • teach the 5 week IAIM programme to 5 families

    • submit parent evaluations forms after the completing the parent classes


On Completion of the Certification Process

Having achieved the required standard you will become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI). From the date of your training you have complimentary membership to the Malaysia or Singapore Chapter of the IAIM for a year and thereafter you will be invited to renew your membership. As a member of the IAIM Chapter you will become part of an international organization of thousands of dedicated infant massage instructors worldwide.

IAIMTraining KL

Upcoming Training Details 

4 to 7 July 2024
Early Bird Fee S$1999 (early bird fee ends one month before training date)
Current Promo : register before 31 May 2024 and get a free IAIM T-shirt with the early bird fee!
Normal fee S$2300

To confirm your registration and be eligible for any early bird fee and promotions, you will only have to make a deposit of S$500. The balance payment will only be due two weeks before the training date. 

Training fee includes

  • 4 day full instruction and practical training

  • Ongoing support from Trainer post training

  • International Instructor Manual

  • Folder of supporting information and articles

  • 1 Infant Massage Doll

  • 1 Bottle Infant Massage Oil

  • Certificate of Attendance upon completion of training

  • Trainer reviewing your assignment with optional zoom call 

  • Instructor certificate upon completion of post training practical and theory assignment 

  • First year membership with local chapter of International Association of Infant Massage (Singapore)


Full attendance is required for all training days from 9am to 5pm (unless otherwise stated)

Sylvie Hetu Profile

A message from our Trainer

26 years of experience to share...


As a holistic practitioner and trainer of massage therapists Caroline was very aware of the many benefits of both giving and receiving massage. Curious to learn how massaging babies could play a role in maintaining health and wellbeing as well as preventing many issues she had experienced not only for herself but with clients and students, she attended the IAIM training with Sylvie Hetu in London in 1997.

During the training, when she saw for the first time a mother massaging her baby, it became very clear to Caroline that this ancient art was offering more than just the physical therapeutic effects of massage. She was struck by what infant massage is in its essence; a beautiful expression of unconditional love.

Realising that the mother-child relationship and the quality of its connection is a foundational piece in developing our capacity to give and receive love, she immediately began running several classes a week in her healing studio at the bottom of her garden.  Feeling inspired by parent’s feedback along with a deep sense of the potential gifts in sharing the IAIM philosophy, Caroline immersed herself in the world of infant massage and the UK Chapter; she was Regional Representative for Surrey and Educational Co-ordinator.

During the next 7 years her appreciation deepened for the IAIM seeing it as a force for good on the planet by contributing to world peace. Consequently, she felt a strong inner pull to get the message out further and embarked on the 2-year IAIM trainer process. Since 2007 she has trained more than a thousand infant massage instructors. She has delivered the training not only throughout the UK but also in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

Please consider highly to register to this training. Why?

It is a life changing experience for you, where you learn the deep values and importance of love in human relationships. This course will enable you to bring good to the world, to improve the world and replace sadness by joy. You will learn all the skills to do that. Your certification will be an addition to anything you are already doing. You will be part of thousands of instructors around the world, you will be part of the big IAIM family, promoting the essential for babies’ excellent start in life: nurturing touch, that influences positive brain development.


It will be a pleasure for us to meet you in our next coming soon IAIM international Training

If you would like to bring this training to your company as an in-house training or register your employees for the training, you may be eligible for a reduce training rate, please contact us directly.

We welcome invitations to organise the IAIM training within the region, if you are interested in bringing the IAIM Programme to your country, please contact us for more details.

Contact us today for a friendly and informal chat at  +65 9148 6095 (click to WhatsApp) or drop us an email at

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