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Written by Sylvie Hetu (IAIM International Trainer)

This is an excellent resource for all IAIM Instructors.

In this long awaited book, Sylvie Hétu shares her deep knowledge of the IAIM curriculum, all informed by her 30 years of experience in facilitating parents and babies classes and her passion about education.

Includes : ice breakers, theory, discussions and overcoming main challenges


Foreword by Vimala McClure (founder of IAIM)

I have known Sylvie for many years, and my respect for her knows no bounds.  I was thrilled when I received the manuscript for this book. It has been a long-needed addition to our IAIM instructor materials.  I wanted to do this work years ago, but my health took a downturn and I was unable to do the incredible work it required.  I am very grateful that this wonderful, wise woman has taken it upon herself to bring this part of our training our.  I know it will be very helpful to instructors around the world, from those who have been with us since the early days to present and into the future.


I am very proud of this work, which I know has taken a great deal of work to bring to fruition.

Facilitating IAIM Parents & Babies Classes

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