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Written by Sylvie Hétu.

The Song of the Child is an inspirational book for parents, therapists and anyone that works with children and families.


At its core, the book asks adults to take step back from the current fashion of evaluating, measuring and assessing children and consider an alternative approach to human development.


IMPORTANT NOTE OF CAUTION : This book was written for adults only.  Please avoid using it with, or reading it to children.  Thank you.


Excerpt from the Foreword by Margot Sunderland (Director of Education & Training, Centre for Child Mental Health, London, UK)

This book is designed to empower adults to relate to children in ways which will enable the latter to thrive.  In our techological society, it is all too easy to lose touch with the potential wonders of a child's mind.  It is all too easy to live exclusively in the left-brain world of facts, strategies, plans, and rules, and then find yourself unable to relate to children anymore.  In fact, in the UK the average child watches television for 21 hours a week, and spends only 38 minutes a week in meaningful conversation with parents.  Moreover, speaking with a child does not automatically mean connecting with them, connecting in the sense that the child feels profoundly met.  At times, adults fail to relate well with a child because they have become detached from their own capacity for creative imagining, spontaneity, and the ability to live in the moment.  This book therefore enters into the mind of a child as an inspirational wake up all to equip adults to relate to children tin ways which will enable them to flourish.  Reading as a kind of modern fairy tale, it's a book all about connecting with children in new imagined waus so that they can feel deeply heard and seen.

Song of the Child

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