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Do you experience the following problems?
  • Stubborn tummy fat that is hard to get rid of 
  • Flabby tummy
  • Hanging tummy due to age or after childbirth
  • Embarrassing bulges that show underneath your clothing 
  • Trying to lose your muffin top but unsuccessful
  • Bloated tummy due to indigestion 
  • Excessive fluctuance 
  • Trying to lose weight 
  • Stretch marks and rough skin texture around tummy area
Increase And Speed Up Weight Loss. Get A Flatter Tummy. Feel Healthier From The Inside Out.
You may have heard of tummy binding and may have tried it but feel or see no results. Your tummy binder (whether expensive or cheap) ends up unused, sitting in your closet. No matter what you think, tummy binding works (because it has been used for generations in many cultures).
The correct method to use a binder should not be just "flattening" your tummy but "lifting" your tummy muscles. The binder should not be too tightly bound to the point that you feel very uncomfortable and can't breathe (this is one of biggest reasons why so many ladies stop using their binders after a while!).  
For postpartum mothers, the body (organs, muscles, skin and all) has been stretched to accommodate the growing human inside you. The positions of your organs are no longer in the same place after birth and the muscles around your stomach area are relaxed. Using proper tummy binding techniques will help you engage your core muscles, reposition the womb and in the process lose belly fat and tighten your waistline.
Tummy binding is one of the easiest, safest and most effective ways to structure and shape your body without discomfort. 
Make your purchase of the Tummy Toning Wrap more worth its value by joining our DIY Tummy Care Courses
~ learn to understand your body and tummy bind correctly ~
For Ladies Only
DIY Tummy Care 
2 hrs / S$285 
Course fee includes:
  • Theory handouts 
  • 1 x 3 Band Tummy Toning Wrap (worth S$25)
  • 1 x Natural Oil 30ml (worth S$14.90)
11 curriculum points to help you understand your body and learn practical exercises, self massage and binding techniques​
  1. Why is tummy care important?
  2. The secret behind your tummy
  3. Understand the function of your liver
  4. Understand the function of your stomach
  5. Understand the function of your small and big intestines 
  6. Facts about fats 
  7. Understand the cross section of your abdomen
  8. Understand how your abdominal muscles shift and how it affects your body shape pre and post pregnancy 
  9. Learn 1 minute daily abdominal workout to burn calories and fat
  10. Learn self massage techniques 
  11. Learn the correct body contouring and tummy binding techniques
Have trouble with stretch marks, discolouration of the skin and rough texture around your tummy area? Go for the DIY Tummy Care PLUS course then, additional 1 hr course that includes techniques to exfoliate and nourish your skin.
In-class demonstration and hands on practice.
DIY Tummy Care PLUS 
3 hrs / S$335 
Course fee includes:
  • Theory handouts 
  • 1 x 3 Band Tummy Toning Wrap (worth S$25)
  • 1 x Natural Oil 30ml (worth S$14.90)
Additional 3 points on top of the curriculum in the DIY Tummy Care course
  1. Understand cosmetic science - learn how to pick and choose products in stores that will be effective for abdominal use
  2. For natural and organic junkies - Learn how to create your own natural DIY products for abdominal use
  3. Learn techniques to exfoliate and nourish your tummy area 
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Course Registration

Course Venue

We are currently only offering private classes now due to the covid-19 situation. 

If you would like to take the class, our trainer will conduct a private session for you in your home.

You may invite friends to take the class together with you but we request that you keep the group small.

If you would like to organise any of the above workshops as an in-house activity for your company or organisation, please contact us at or +65 8143 5049 (click to WhatsApp) for more information on fees and arrangements.

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