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3 Band Tummy Toning Wrap

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Easy to use wrap that resembles the functions of the modern day corset, to help lift and firm, relief bloating and constipation and reduce tummy size. Moms who use this tummy wrap swear by their ease of use, while achieving the maximum desired results to get back into shape.


Massage your tummy with our 100% Natural Oil before wrapping up.

Wear it as your are doing your household chores during the day or even to sleep!


Note: May not be suitable for use if you have latex allergy.


How to Use:

  1. Begin by wrapping the wrap round your back and cover the left side of the wrap (not the elastic velro side) over your tummy.
  2. Stretch the top elastic velcro flap gently over to the left and place the velcro tip on the furry pad.  You may adjust the wrap's tightness by tightening or releasing the tension of the elastic band.
  3.  Do the same for the bottom flap and end with the centre flap


NEW! DIY Tummy Care Course

Instead of spending thousands on weight loss and slimming treatments and product, learn how to use the tummy toning wrap to it's fullest potential by understanding how it works in relation to your body and bodily functions.  

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3 Band Tummy Toning Wrap

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